Telenuage is a certified reseller of the StickyWiFi retail marketing platform.

StickyWiFi empowers retail marketing departments to:

Drive Social Engagement

Connect Businesses With Prospects

Promote Loyalty.

Access Prospect and Customer Profiles

The StickyWiFi Platform is a customer analytics and marketing tool that allows any retailer to identify and interact with their customers. No mobile app, password or access code is required.

Telenuage installs the preconfigured WiFi hotspot hardware to a cloud based software management platform for a low monthly fee per location.

Retailer Dashboard

Complete intuitive management dashboard including:

Permissions based user management

Social/Marketing Campaigns


Client Identification

Supported social networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. For email a form for email and password combinations is needed to sign up. Once signed on, data collected includes: Name, email address, age and gender or Social Media Profiles i.e. Facebook (with an avg. of 130 friends) with check in and like buttons placed on the Splash page.

Real-Time Information on the Splash Page:

Present any information you want: your brand, promotions, menu, specials of the week, videos, news etc. Once they are logged-in, you can redirect them to your website or your face-book page, and encourage them to “Like-you” on Facebook for so you get exposure to their friends and others in their network.

Email/Text Campaigns:

Email/Text your prospects and clients - generate loyalty. Easily export your data to use on any email platform. Send email promotions, happy birthdays, and special event invitations and thank you’s.

Special Offers/Coupons/Surveys

Automate marketing campaigns for personalized emails and text messages. Encourage customers to return with email coupons, real-time coupons and offers once in the location. Survey your customers. Build strong relationships.


Easily view customer information in graphical and chart forms. Learn more about your customers, understand behaviors, interests and how long they stay and frequency of visits, to make better business decisions.

By the numbers:

Impressions: Total Traffic / Customers (with increase and decrease % by date range)

Walk Byes

Frequency: Repeat Customer (# of visits/return visits.)

Male vs Female %

Length of Visit (minutes) – Dwell time

Coupon/Promotion Conversions