About Us

Message from our President

I am glad that you are taking some of your important time to visit us at our ‘home away from home’. Understanding how important communications is in the workplace, we give it a lot of thought at Telenuage to figure out what works best in voice, data, WiFi and video so we can deliver value to our customers. Our experience over the last 35+ years servicing over 7,500 customers and their 10,000+ sites has made me understand that technology changes but the one constant value that my organization delivers is relationships.

Our team of experienced professionals, knowledgeable in design and solutions that will be the most beneficial for your business to create operational efficiency, enhance productivity, simplify your life and contribute to your business growth and success.

I pledge that my team and I will do everything to make sure that when we are done, you will have nothing but praise. Our main goal is for a strong customer reference that says, “it’s a pleasure to do business with Telenuage”.

Let me demonstrate our accumulated knowledge and experience of almost 40 years in this business. Please call me directly at 1-514-507-0000 or email lgreenberg@telenuage.com to discover how easy it is to migrate your business phone system into the Telenuage cloud.

Thank you again for visiting!