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Connecting Your Business. Clearly.


(Gerry..this is to inform you for a concept only and not to be used as is!. Just thought something as simple as a phone on a desk)


Clear communication between customers, suppliers and co-workers is a crucial part of your business operation. Telenuage delivers a feature rich, reliable, secure solution and unparalleled value that is easy to integrate and manage within your business.


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Embrace VoIP for flexibility and reliability. Easily boost productivity to sell more and service your clients better, even remotely. Telenuage caters to start-ups that need a virtual receptionist, extension dialing, conferencing, and music-on-hold to larger businesses that require multiple locations with 100’s of extensions.


For one affordable monthly price your business could receive a top of the line solution including SIP channels, DIDs, business phones with colour display, unified communications software, softphones, 50+ phone features and remote management and reporting. We can help you choose the features you need to create the most value packed system tailored for you. All backed with great support, guaranteed reliability and integrated data recovery systems.


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Telenuage understands that any PBX phone system and WiFi Access Points need to be connected to a strong IT network. That’s why we design and install voice, data and video cabling solutions that work seamlessly with any hardware for crystal clear results.


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Existing Telephony System Maintenance

If you are happy with your current telephone system, let us help you extend its life with a Telenuage maintenance agreement.


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Hosted PBX Key Features

(summary graphic of key features to be followed by Top 10 list – graphic for illustration purposes only.)


API library for third party integrations


Get the Top Unified Communications Features plus 50 More ! All included.


  1. Follow Me. One number reach – Call one number to reach the individual because the call could be routed to a desk phone, cell phone, home phone, etc.
  2. Voicemail to Email
  3. Unified messaging – one inbox for emails/voicemails/faxes
  4. Integrated audio
  5. Instant messaging/chat
  6. Click to dial features from Outlook and/or a web browser
  7. Corporate phone books across all locations – domestic and international
  8. Extension dialing over all locations – domestic and international
  9. Disaster recovery – calls can be routed to other locations to ensure no call is missed and data can still be accessed so that there is little to no loss of productivity


Retail WiFi Text

Telenuage is a certified reseller of the StickyWiFi retail marketing platform.

StickyWiFi empowers retail marketing departments to:

Drive Social Engagement

Connect Businesses With Prospects

Promote Loyalty.

Access Prospect and Customer Profiles


The StickyWiFi Platform is a customer analytics and marketing tool that allows any retailer to identify and interact with their customers. No mobile app, password or access code is required.


Telenuage installs the preconfigured WiFi hotspot hardware to a cloud based software management platform for a low monthly fee per location.


Retailers promote FREE WiFi at each store location. No Passwords. No Access Codes. Customers sign in through Facebook or email to get started. They land on your Custom Splash Welcome Page. The “in the background” software platform allows for the following benefits:


Retailer Dashboard: Complete intuitive management dashboard including:

  • Permissions based user management
  • Social/Marketing Campaigns
  • Analytics  


Client Identification: Supported social networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. For email a form for email and password combinations is needed to sign up. Once signed on, data collected includes: Name, email address, age and gender or Social Media Profiles i.e. Facebook (with an avg. of 130 friends) with check in and like buttons placed on the Splash page.


Real-Time Information on the Splash Page: Present any information you want: your brand, promotions, menu, specials of the week, videos, news etc. Once they are logged-in, you can redirect them to your website or your face-book page, and encourage them to “Like-you” on Facebook for so you get exposure to their friends and others in their network.


Email/Text Campaigns: Email/Text your prospects and clients – generate loyalty. Easily export your data to use on any email platform. Send email promotions, happy birthdays, and special event invitations and thank you’s.


Special Offers/Coupons/Surveys: Automate marketing campaigns for personalized emails and text messages. Encourage customers to return with email coupons, real-time coupons and offers once in the location. Survey your customers. Build strong relationships.


Analytics: Easily view customer information in graphical and chart forms. Learn more about your customers, understand behaviors, interests and how long they stay and frequency of visits, to make better business decisions.


By the numbers:

  • Impressions: Total Traffic / Customers (with increase and decrease % by date range)
  • Walk Byes
  • Frequency: Repeat Customer (# of visits/return visits.)
  • Male vs Female %
  • Length of Visit (minutes) – Dwell time
  • Coupon/Promotion Conversions


Get this personalized marketing tool using social media, email and texting to stay connected to your customers even when they’re not in your store! Call today for a presentation and demo: 514-507-0000


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About Us


Message from our President

I am glad that you are taking some of your important time to visit us at our ‘home away from home’. Understanding how important communications is in the workplace, we give it a lot of thought at Telenuage to figure out what works best in voice, data, WiFi and video so we can deliver value to our customers.

My experience over the last 30+ years servicing over 7,500 customers and their 10,000+ sites has made me understand that technology changes but the one constant value that my organization delivers is relationships. Our team is educated to design, select, install and deliver communications solutions that will be the most beneficial for your business to create operational efficiency, enhance productivity, simplify your life and contribute to your business growth and success.

I pledge that my team and I will do everything to make sure that when we are done, you will have nothing but praise. Our main goal is for a strong customer reference that says, “it’s a pleasure to do business with Telenuage”. Let me demonstrate our accumulated knowledge and experience of almost 40 years in this business.

Please call me directly at 1-514-507-0000 or email to discover how easy it is to migrate your business phone system into the Telenuage cloud.

Thank you again for visiting!

Leslie Greenberg, President

Leslie Greenberg


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Support and Contact

Work with a company that gets it. We need clear and reliable voice, data and video too!

We want the best results and we know you do too! That’s why Telenuage is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible user experience and support. Our operation is built on trust, integrity and customer satisfaction. When the phone rings, we answer the call.


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